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We’re pleased to announce that Fish on Toast, the University of Southampton’s Entrepreneurship and Business Society, is holding a breakout workshop at Nucleus 2015.

Students from the University of Southampton have always been entrepreneurial, which is why Fish on Toast will be leading a showcase of student-led entrepreneurship at Nucleus, demonstrating how awesome student start-ups can be and how you can benefit by being involved.

This year Fish on Toast relaunched Spawn a pre-accelerator programme to help student start-ups get from their initial idea to a fully flourishing business. During their workshop, Spawn companies will be delivering their 60 second elevator pitches to outline what the students have been creating and to see how audience members may be able to help them take their ideas to the next level.

Laura Varney, Co-President of Fish on Toast commented: “Our workshop at Nucleus 2015 will give attendees the opportunity to meet students who are looking at starting up a business. We’re excited to meet people who can help our students and the event will be a great day to be involved in.  It will also allow our student members to learn more about the innovative technology and science companies based in the Hampshire region.”

Fish on Toast was set up in 2002 and since then has been working to nurture and develop the next generation of entrepreneurs by encouraging a culture of innovation, inspiration and collaboration. They pride themselves on having the most ambitious, motivated and creative students amongst its members. Members deliver speaker events, workshops and competitions to inspire, develop and support entrepreneurs within the university.

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