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FLEXIBUSTER™ hits California – the new wave tech in waste management

Recent Nucleus Expo exhibitor SEaB Energy has been awarded a contract to supply the State of California Energy Commission with one of its award-winning FLEXIBUSTER™ units.

The Southampton-based company showcased the units – which convert waste food to energy – at Nucleus Hampshire in 2016. The contract in California will assist the state’s Energy Commission as part of a five-year research programme into sustainable energy generation.

Later this year, SEaB Energy will also partnering with the University of California, installing one FLEXIBUSTER™ unit at a US Naval Base.

With its inroads in California, SeaB is increasing its presence on the West Coast, adding to a US portfolio which already includes contracts in the Midwest and on the East Coast.

Sandra Sassow, CEO and co-founder at SEaB said:“ Nucleus Expo has provided us support in multiple ways, from publicity on both local and nationwide scale, to networking and forging new alliances. Events like these connect us to the world and are fundamental to scaling the business. This is a prestigious win for SEaB Energy and gives us coast-to-coast visibility in the US where we already have a burgeoning pipeline of contracts to fulfil this year.  British engineering and manufacturing has an important place in the UK economy and we’re very proud to be creating jobs and exporting worldwide.”

Layla-Jane Stacey, Founder and CEO at Nucleus Expo, said: “As soon as I met the SEaB team, I knew they were sitting on some special and important ideas. I’m delighted that Nucleus has had even a small role to play in the company’s evolution and I wish them all the best in the US and beyond.”