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Greentech South has unveiled four CleanTech businesses that will be exhibiting under its banner at Nucleus Expo Hampshire 2016. REAP Systems, SEaB Energy, Sustainable Marine Energy and Utonomy will be showcasing their innovative products at the science and technology themed event, which takes place at the University of Southampton Science Park on Wednesday 21st September.

Richard Hall from Greentech South commented: “Our role as the technology and innovation cluster is to support active businesses working towards a low carbon economy. We do so by helping our members to access new markets, attract funding, promote themselves effectively and by encouraging collaborative working with like-minded businesses. Nucleus Expo provides us with an excellent platform to profile the work of four member organisations whom we believe are fast becoming trailblazers in sustainability. It also gives us the opportunity to demonstrate the funding and support that we can offer other low carbon businesses across the region.”

The four businesses working with Greentech South to comprise their exhibition zone are:

REAPsystems was the first company in Europe to test large Li-ion batteries for propulsion systems and recognise their potential in 2003. The company is now a leader in this technology, currently developing a drop-in hybrid diesel electric engine to kick-start the green revolution on water, starting with Venice ‘water taxis’. They will be bringing an electric RIB to Nucleus so attendees can see the technology up close.

SEaB Energy is a multi-award winning company which created and manufactures waste-to-energy technology using anaerobic digestion packaged in shipping containers. The company’s Flexibuster™ and Muckbuster® turn organic waste into energy exactly at the point where the waste is produced and the energy is required. Designed to be modular and scalable, SEaB’s technology has gone global. They will be providing tours of the Flexibuster on the Science Park throughout Nucleus.

Sustainable Marine Energy is an anchoring, mooring and platform solutions provider for energetic marine environments. Their primary focus is delivery of commercially viable products to the marine energy industry. SME’s innovative technologies and processes deliver a step change reduction in cost and enhance through-life performance for customers. SME understands the challenges faced by the offshore renewable energy sector; ensuring that low cost installation and maintenance operations can be achieved is a design driver for everything we do.

Utonomy is a graduate of the Science Park’s start-up incubator, Catalyst. This company’s innovative technology addresses the problem of leakage in gas distribution networks. Its Active Grid Management solution maintains pressure across the network at lower, but optimally effective levels. The reduction in pressure leads to a proportional reduction in leakage through the network, conserving gas, reducing emissions and increasing operational efficiency.

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