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Hampshire County Council has announced its sponsorship of the Marine Zone at Nucleus Expo Hampshire 2016, the science and technology themed event set to take place at the University of Southampton Science Park on Wednesday 21st September.

Supporting the Marine Tech area of the Nucleus Expo aligns with Hampshire County Council’s economic development strategy to grow Hampshire’s thriving and innovative marine sector, which is already home to over 3,000 marine and maritime companies.

Councillor Mel Kendal, Hampshire County Council’s Executive Member for Economic Development, said: “The event last year was a great success, demonstrating how Hampshire County Council can work with organisations such as Southampton Science Park and React Comms to showcase the technological advances being developed in Hampshire and promote the county’s economic potential”.

Innovation is at the heart of Hampshire’s thriving economy, and Nucleus will highlight the businesses and individuals that create and invent on a daily basis; the people who are putting Hampshire on the world stage as an innovation power house. The Hampshire economy can only get stronger by all businesses taking advantage of such opportunities and we encourage as many companies as possible to get involved.”

The four businesses being supported by Hampshire County Council are:

ASV Global is the leading manufacturer of autonomous boats for defence, scientific and offshore energy applications. The company specialises in platform design, build, operation as well as control system development. They will be exhibiting the very latest innovations in marine autonomy. This will include the different platforms and their real life applications as well as the company’s proprietary vehicle control system. ASV Global is to play an important role in the upcoming Unmanned Warrior exercise; the company will be showcasing the technology to be on show at the international event.

Barter for Things will be showing the internet-of-things ecosystem in its operational state. Having created an innovative tracking device for outboard motors, the start-up will be showcasing its sub-£50 tracking devices that last up to 5 years on AA batteies by connecting over Southampton Science Park’s internet-of-things network to paint a real-time picture of a “thing’s” movement.

Guy Whitehouse Yacht Design’s innovative Inflatable Landing Craft is designed to fit in a minimal space. The five metre boat can pack down into the boot of a SUV and is larger than a typical RIB. To avoid twisting & folding, other inflatable landing crafts use aluminium boards, however Whitehouse Yacht Design discovered that you can maintain the same stability and rigidity using only air and specially engineered inflatable materials similar to those used in paddle boards. There are no other inflatable landing crafts of this size with or without rigid boards, making it a uniquely engineered product.

National Oceanography Centre undertakes integrated ocean research and technology development from the coast to the deep ocean. It provides long-term marine science capability including: major facilities; sustained ocean observing, mapping and survey; data management, and scientific advice. Marine science national capability is provided to the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) by NOC working in conjunction with our Delivery Partners.

The Royal Navy team will be presenting an update of the Unmanned Warrior demonstrations and the work of the recently established Discovery And Rapid Exploitation (DARE) team. Unmanned Warrior is a large scale demonstration of unmanned systems involving 40 participants across industry, academia and defence to inform the Royal Navy’s understanding of how such systems might offer future capabilities. DARE is a new team within the Royal Navy to support and deliver benefits through the exploitation of innovative ideas, processes and technologies.

Now in its second year, the Hampshire Nucleus Expo brings together academics, business people, entrepreneurs, multinationals, start-ups and investors, exemplifying an innovation ecosystem, and providing a platform for the commercialisation and application of leading-edge technology. The Marine Zone of the Expo aims to support marine businesses to innovate, create a competitive edge, and ultimately grow, and delegates will be able to listen to inspiring keynote speakers talk about big data, marine autonomous systems, marine research and cyber security.

If you are interested in attending Nucleus Expo 2016, find out more at To find out more about the marine industry in Hampshire contact Amanda Beable, Marine Sector Growth Manager at Hampshire County Council on 01962 667940 or via

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