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OneUp Sales will be unveiling its revolutionary gamified sales activity management platform at the MTC on March 1.

OneUp Sales is designed to bring sales teams into the modern age, replacing whiteboards and spreadsheets with a beautiful digital solution for driving desired behaviours within teams. The company has drawn on its previous experience in the video games industry to put engagement and motivation at the heart of the platform, bringing head-to-head battles, team-wide challenges and competitive fantasy sports-inspired leagues to the sales environment.

Derry Holt, Co-founder & CEO of OneUp Sales said “We are very excited to exhibit at Nucleus as we like to think of ourselves as an innovative company and believe immersing ourselves in the ecosystem Nucleus provides will be a great way of actioning that belief. I am personally very excited to see what relationships we can forge, whether they be clients, partners or academics you never know what one conversation can provide.”

OneUp Sales has recently rebranded and increased its headcount thanks to £150K in SEIS funding.

So come and meet the new look team at Nucleus Expo Showcase West Midlands on March 1.Register for FREE.

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