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The University of Southampton’s Institute for Life Sciences (IfLS) has revealed four of the businesses that it will be sponsoring at Nucleus Expo Hampshire 2016. Aurora Medical, Blatchford, Hobbs Rehabilitation and RedLux will showcase their innovations in a FortisNet zone at the science and technology event which takes place at the University of Southampton Science Park on Wednesday 21st September.

Professor Peter Smith, Director of IfLS said: “We founded FortisNet, a unique, collaborative and interdisciplinary network, to develop a regional knowledge hub and to help advance musculoskeletal health though connecting clinical practice, academic research, end-users and enterprise in the field. Nucleus is an excellent opportunity for FortisNet to support its members and showcase their skills, capabilities and achievements. We’re delighted to be involved in an event that shines a light on the best technology in the region and acts as a catalyst for collaboration.”

Four businesses selected for the FortisNet exhibition zone are:

Aurora Medical specialises in the design and development of orthopaedic implants and instruments enabling surgeons to achieve excellence with products that solve unmet needs. Current projects include the development of a simple to use, low cost, fully mobile guidance system to facilitate the accurate positioning of cups during hip replacements. This will give the patient optimum movement and help prevent premature failure through misalignment.

Blatchford is a world-leading supplier of rehabilitation products with clinical expertise in prosthetics, orthotics, special seating and wheelchairs. In the UK, Blatchford provides services to the NHS, the MOD and private patients. Based on biomimetic design principles, working in sync with the human body, the company’s prosthetic and orthotic range includes the award-winning Linx, the world’s most advanced microprocessor-controlled artificial limb.

Hobbs Rehabilitation is leading the way in neurorehabilitation, this multiple award-winning company provides an interdisciplinary service for adult and children inpatients and outpatients. The team will be showcasing the latest technology in the field including a robotic exoskelton and a bionic leg. Hobbs Rehabilitation prides itself on being clinically independent and will soon be launching an innovating Technology Rating Scale to guide others in this rapidly developing sector.

RedLux specialises in ultraprecision metrology and automation. Its non-contact 3D profiling technology, with up to 3 nanometres resolution, gives fast, reliable and highly precise measurement data of components such as artificial joints, pistons, valves, cylinders, lenses, bearings, etc. RedLux machines provide manufacturers with a fast and accurate inspection tool for quality control and investigation of surface characteristics such as wear, defects and form deviation.

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Image Credit: Regeneration of bone from stem cells. Image courtesy of Prof Richard Oreffo, Centre for Human Development, Stem Cells and Regeneration, University of Southampton.

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